Saturday, March 21, 2009

Korg DS-10 Track 01

Short composition in the key of C major made up of one main pattern and a bunch of pattern variations.

The video was obtained with a combination of WinAmp (MilkDrop visualization) and Fraps (video capture software primarily used to record games). Fraps is really incredible but it only works with DirectX applications so it won't necessarily work with any media player visualization plugin (my fave is WhiteCap from SoundSpectrum but it doesn't work with Fraps). Got it to work with WinAmp and MilkDrop, that's it (can't say I spend too much time on this though). The audio was brought to the pc using Cool Edit Pro (Audacity should do the same kind of job equally well).

The uncompressed video and audio were processed by VirtualDub using the Xvid codec for the video and mp3 for the audio. There must be twenty other ways to do it but VirtualDub is hyper fast, which works for me especially there's about zero editing to be done.


  1. I'm always surprised by what people are able to do with this game. Nice work.

  2. The sky's the limit, really. With just a DS and its music oriented carts like korg ds-10, jam sessions, elektroplankton, etc and a mixer, one could create incredible stuff. Making music has come a long way.

  3. Oh, I know all about DS music! I recently wrote an article on my blog spotlighting all the different games. Have you gotten into the homebrew scene? There are some pretty cool independent music tools out there.

  4. most familiar with nitrotracker, but can't say i've used it too much .. trying to limit myself with the commercial stuff :) i've looked at your list... nice work... there's another music oriented japanese cart that's similar to 'guitar hero' called daigassu: band of brothers. you can make your own tracks so it's a bit more involved than GH.