Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Korg DS-10 Clap Patch

Video shows the synth settings for a clap patch.

A pretty easy patch to do since it's all noise on VCO1 with nothing on VCO2. As usual for percussion sounds, the Envelope Generator (EG) is just some decay. Filtering wise, the low-pass filter takes out the higher harmonics.

Didn't really spend much time on the other knob settings. So it's very likely this clap patch could be improved.

Speaking of percussion patches, it's too bad you can't synthesize a cymbal sound with a two oscillator machine. Same idea with the open hi-hat, which poses even more problems since it needs to be closed, usually on the next closed hi-hat (or whatever else) hit.


  1. Hi Ugo. I see that all youtube vids with patches are from different profiles.
    I luv drum's souns so when I was discovered KICK sound that could be reeaaaly massive in ds-10 I posted vidoe on YouTube.
    Check out Massive Kick Patch.
    If you like U can add it to patches.

  2. check uot my massive kick patch
    if U like U can add vid to the blog