Saturday, June 6, 2009

Korg DS-10 Piano Patch

This video shows the settings for a piano patch. The audio is C4 on the main beat (80 beats per minute). The first still shows the synthesizer settings and the second still shows the patch cords. Each still stays on for about 10 seconds.

Oscillator 1 is a sawtooth wave. Oscillator 2 is also a sawtooth wave but set at a higher pitch. It is in sync with oscillator 1. The envelope has no attack.

Patch wise, there is a cord from the envelope generator (EG) to the voltage controlled amplifier (VCA). To be honest, it's not really needed since it just amplifies the output signal according to the shape of the ADSR (Attack Decay Sustain Release) envelope.

Pretty sure one could turn the sync off on the 2nd oscillator but have to be real careful with the tuning.

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