Saturday, March 20, 2010

Korg DS-10 Track 42

This is track 42, the 6th track of my upcoming 4th album called "Raspberries".

Ok, this is very short (1:27). There's a phrase that gets repeated a lot, it starts (faintly) at 0:17 or thereabout. Really liked that little "riff" and couldn't resist doing variations on it throughout most of the rest of this mini-tune.

About the drums, we all (Korg DS-10 users) know by now that each drum sound is defined for the duration of the whole song, as opposed to the duration of a pattern (for the two synths). So what to do when you need a bit of variety in your drum hits? Well, one way is to change the pitch. Indeed, you get completely different drum sounds as you go up and down the pitch for a given drum channel.

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