Sunday, June 2, 2013

"GI Joe" by Ugo Capeto

This is an album of 12 Korg ds-10 tracks that I made back in the day but that never got officially released. Well, it's finally seeing the light of day, today, and that's a good thing, I think.


  1. Hi there, Sir.
    I'm very impressed with your album. Great work with the DS.

    Couple weeks ago I bought a Dsi and started messing with Korg ds-10. Your Blog have been very helpfull, but i'm still a major noob.

    Question: Did you use overdubs to produce this album or more than one DS together ?

    Thank you a lot for your Help.


    1. Hi Rodrigo. Thanks for the kind comment. To make this album, I have used "korg ds-10" (the original cart) on one nintendo ds lite. All you hear comes straight from the cart. There's no overdub/post-processing at all. As you know, the korg ds-10 has 2 synth channels and 4 drum channels. I tend to use the drum channels as regular synth channels although they are really sample channels.