Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Korg DS-10 Track 05

The lead voice is the BASS7 predefined tone played with the gate turned to legato all the way to 11. The bass line is just a bunch of sixteenth C4s with some rests here and there (the rhythm is changed just once). The drum track is very basic and does not change one bit throughout the composition. The lead voice is all A minor scale, the relative minor of our good friend, the C major scale.
Playing near random notes within any given scale would probably sound good with enough modulation (and possibly some delay).


  1. China just blocked Youtube, so I can't check out the rest of your songs. Would you consider offering mp3 downloads?

  2. Eh Clark, thanks for the interest.

    I was trying to find a reason to start a myspace page and it seems that might be a good one.

    Can you get myspace or that's censored as well ? Otherwise i would have to find another website to upload mp3's.

  3. Myspace is safe... for now.

  4. Bravo!

    Very Very good, i like this one very much.
    I will have to post some of my work on youtube with visualizations too, looks very slick.