Monday, December 21, 2009

Korg DS-10 Track 31

The long awaited track 31 is here!

The song's existence started on my Casio keyboard (SK-1, to be precise, although any keyboard could have been used for this task). Once transferred onto the Nintendo Korg DS-10, well, it kinda evolved into something else. There's a slow tempo at the beginning (the Casio part) and a faster beat after a while (the Nintendo part).

Didn't really know how to end the tune since the DS-10 was kinda out of patterns (yep, 16 is not too many). Was thinking of repeating a pattern and fading it out very slow but then it downed on me that it's just plain easier to stop the playing of the song while the pattern is playing; indeed, it gives a nice fade because of whatever effect was used in the song (chorus). Problem solved!

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