Friday, December 25, 2009

Korg DS-10 Track 32

A milestone has been reached with this 32nd Korg DS-10 song.

As you can hear, I am quite fond of glockenspiel types of sounds. Anyways, the song started in the C major key and ended in D minor. Difference between C major and D minor, one might ask? Well, not much really, except that you have a B flat instead of a B when you climb up the scale. Proud to announce that absolutely no delay effect was used in this song. There is definitely some chorus in the mix though.

A little gripe about the Nintendo Korg DS-10: sound quality. Especially when you filter out a lot of the frequencies. You can quite clearly hear the (unwanted) noise at the very beginning of the tune when just the one voice is used.

Another deep thought I've had ... Instead of having 2 synth voices and 4 drum channels, why didn't they put 6 synth voices? or at least put 3 synthesizer voices and 3 drum channels? I am not complaining since 2 synthesizers is plenty but I think that having 4 dedicated drum tracks is a tad too much for most people. Again, not that I really care that much about it. There's probably a technical reason of why it is so. I mean, of course, one can use a drum track as a synth voice for the whole song but it's really not the same since, for one, there's no release in the ADSR envelope. Also, come to think of it, I would have been as pleased if the synth settings of the 2 voices were for the whole song; no need (at least for me) to have settings at the pattern level. Again, this is just nitpicking to fill this very post with more than just the link to a video.

I've been trying to define the type of music this is since most streaming music web sites ask you to do choose a music category. After a lot of thought (nah, not really), I think it's "melodic electronica". Fair to say it's "electronica" since the Nintendo Korg DS-10 is pure plastic and bytes. The "melodic" part is what I am striving for so it's got to be in there. Without a strong melody, music is kinda ... hmmm, something I don't really care for.

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