Friday, January 29, 2010

Korg DS-10 Track 35

One more track and it's a done deal regarding the 3rd album ("Lychees" is the chosen name). The youtube version got a little bit clipped at the end (not as smooth as it was supposed to be) but I really don't want to delete and re-upload. The embedded mp3 above is all good, so it doesn't really matter after all.

For this track, I kinda went back to my roots with each pattern being played twice. You probably notice that there is a recurring pattern that kinda ties the various parts. Something I don't usually do is change sounds within the tune. That habit has been (slightly) broken with this one.

There's no delay on this 35th track but there's certainly some chorus. Well, hope you like it because even though I don't usually pat myself on the back, I think it's pretty decent.


  1. Pat that back all you want. Sounds great. I have to find more time to get into my DS-10. Very impressive.

  2. thanks a lot. it really doesn't take long.