Saturday, February 13, 2010

Korg DS-10 Track 37

Here's track 37 which is the 1st track of what should be my 4th album "Raspberries". Again, it's not a very good track. What's happening to me? Where's my Muse? Oh well, here's to hoping for better inspiration next time around.

Hmmm, after letting the good times roll and a few re-listens, it doesn't sound too bad so I take back what I said earlier (above).

The following is just me babbling around about things I'd like to see/have/try.

What I'd like to see on the DS-10 is something that would enable you to whistle a tune into the mike and it would auto-magically put out the notes sequencer style. I know it's just a dream but I think it already exists on the iphone and probably on the pc as well.

Alright, another thing I'd like to see is some software that cleverly creates notes in between existing "key" notes using minimal guidance. Also, a not-so random note randomizer would be nice to have and that's something probably worth looking into (that's me talking to myself).

You know those tenori-on synth/sequencers (there's a cheap version made by bliptronic for 50 bucks) with the rows and columns of led illuminated push buttons. Well, those are neat for sure but what I would really like to have is a "light organ" (you know, those things that turn on different lights depending on the frequency of the note being played) made up just like a tenori-on, with rows and columns of leds instead of the old light bulbs. I'd love to plug in my DS-10 and watch the light show.

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