Saturday, March 6, 2010

Korg DS-10 Track 40

This is the (very short) track 40, a tune in the scale of D minor.

This time, I've tried to repeat as few patterns as possible. With the bpm being relatively low, the tune is still able to last for more than 30 seconds, 1 mn and 40 seconds to be exact.

It seems I am really a minimalist regarding bass lines. Once again, it's limited to all D4's or D3's. The sound is made up of the two slightly out of tune oscillators to give it a bit of movement, pitch wise.

Hope you like it. Gotta say that the tune went through a few iterations. For some reason, once the song is on youtube, it doesn't sound quite right and it ends up being deleted, changed and re-uploaded (by me, of course). So, the video above is actually the 2nd version of an earlier tune, which I thought was a bit too busy in parts. Simpler is often better.

Someone on youtube commented that it was reminiscent of John Carpenter's work, the guy that made such classic movies as "Assault on precinct 13" and most notably "Escape from New York" and the soundtracks that went along. If you listen to the main themes of his movies, you will certainly notice a similarity with the track (especially the beginning phrase). It's kinda weird because the first time I saw "Assault on precinct 13" (remade not too long ago), I really thought the main theme was killer ... but that was eons ago.

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