Saturday, March 13, 2010

Korg DS-10 Track 41

Seems my tracks are getting shorter and shorter. For the better, I hope. Anyways, this is track 41 of the upcoming "Raspberries" album.

For this track, I paid a little bit more attention to the drum bit that's neither the kick nor the snare, I am talking about the hi-hat, eheh. Basically, just changed the volume on some of the hits to create a rhythm that's not the usual (for me, at least) "let's put hi-hats everywhere".

In places, there are kinda three melodies going on, kinda: synth1, synth2 and drum channel 4. I am using the term "melody" loosely because, in most cases, it's just jumping up and down between 2 notes on 4 beats but I think it works, when used in moderation (just like everything).

What's weird is what was supposed to be the 3rd voice (on drum channel 4) which starts showing up right before the 1 minute became the main voice a bit later. The end of the song is actually that voice in solo mode. I just loved that little phrase and couldn't get rid of it as the patterns flew by.

After a few re-listens, I am having second thoughts about that pattern which starts at 0:17. It doesn't really fit too well. Gonna stay anyways but just wanted to mention it. If something really bothers me in a tune, I usually remove the youtube video but then it's a nuisance for the few people that are nice enough to link to it (talking about matrixsynth, in particular). Actually, there's another pattern that doesn't flow too well later in the song, so ... no need to worry about that earlier pattern.

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