Sunday, April 4, 2010

Korg DS-10 Track 44

My 4th album is going along smoothly with the addition of my latest track, which I quite creatively named "Track 44".

What can be said about this mini tune? Well, it's in G minor, the BPM is 120 and it takes a little while to warm up. Hope you like it.

The more I use the DS-10, the happier I am. It's perfect ... at least for me. Not sure I'd change anything. Oh, wait ... there's the DS-10+ now for the Nintendo DSi with its two decks but can't say that a lot of things have been changed in the software itself. Will stick to my DS "lite" and the "original" DS-10 cart for a great while. I however can see myself mixing the DS-10 with other music oriented Nintendo carts like ElectroPlankton and/or Jam Sessions. Problem becomes time and how much of the free kind you actually have for all this stuff.

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