Sunday, April 11, 2010

Korg DS-10 Track 45

Track 45 is here. Not sure if it matters but it's in D minor.

For some reason, I wanted to get a BPM as low as possible as it seems it's the only way a track of mine can last more than 3 minutes (not really true: I just love slow moving tunes). Couldn't get anything going at that low a BPM so upped it up to 20 and went from there.

I also wanted not to repeat any pattern. Well, only the last pattern is repeated (not twice but three times) so, not too bad.

Yeah, I really like bell types of sounds.

What I find quite enjoyable about making music is that I never really know where it's gonna lead me. I like to draw and write as well, and although one can say that the creative process in those two can very well be full of unknowns and surprises, it's often much more planned. Maybe it depends on how you go about it. In any case, not sure how I would start a book without having any idea of the plot or a drawing without something to draw in front of me. Music is really special in that sense.

Ok, a few more deep thoughts about music making and the DS-10 ... The fact that the DS-10 is both a synthesizer and a sequencer makes the music creation process even more enjoyable since you always have the option to start from scratch every time (guess one could save the sounds and reuse them but I never do). Gotta admit the KAOSS pad is cool but can't say I use it too often to write songs (cool for live shows though when it's time to do some pseudo kinda "cool" improvisation).


  1. Nice song, I really like the bell sounds. It's hard to avoid repetition on the KDS10, but you did a good job.

  2. thanks a lot. i wouldn't worry too much about repetition since, without it, it's a bit tough for a melody to "stick".

  3. Cool idea for a blog. Gotta check some of your music out.

  4. I liked the flow in this one. The melody is enjoyable.