Saturday, May 1, 2010

Korg DS-10 Track 48

Eheh, that's Track 48. That means that my 4th album "Raspberries" is finished.

For this track, I went back to my favorite bpm setting: 20. In some of the patches, I've used the LFO's square wave to modulate the 2nd oscillator's pitch. I am pretty sure I have the 2nd oscillator (slightly) modulate the cutoff frequency here and there.

Sometimes, when you reduce the volume of a sound in the step sequencer (in the volume panel of the synth), you get a noticeable click at the beginning, so you kinda have to hide it with something else, like a drum hit.

Yeah, can't say I have mastered the drums. More of an afterthought than anything else, to be honest. I'd rather not have them but I do need them sometimes, as explained above. Should really make an effort though since that's not much of an excuse.

Have added a twitter feed in the right sidebar. It's basically all the tweets that have "korg ds-10" in them. Useful? Don't know but it's kinda pretty.

I am thinking of getting into FL Studio (fruity loops) but would probably need a new laptop for that, meh thinks.

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