Saturday, April 24, 2010

Korg DS-10 Track 47

Looks like it's Track 47. One more and the new album is done.

In this mini tune, the 1st pattern is repeated and then it's all free flowing with no repetition until ... patterns 8 to 16 get an encore. Had to do it otherwise the song would have been a tad on the short side.

And now, for something completely different ... I've noticed that when someone on youtube clicks on the "like" button (thumbs up) and their account is linked to twitter, you get an automatic tweet saying so and so liked your video. It's weird since I've just joined twitter and I still can't tweet about my own videos using the "share" button. Let me rephrase this, I can tweet but the tweets don't show up in the searches. Probably means I am getting filtered out because of suspect tweets but how can it be spam when it's coming straight from youtube? Maybe, my account is too new? Who knows? Anyways, I have the feeling twitter is a huge waste of time but you gotta live with the times, I suppose. Kinda like facebook, eheh.

Ugo Capeto on twitter

I think I need to follow people or get followed, not quite sure. So, if you follow me, well I'll make sure to reciprocate and follow you as well. Seems to me twitter would be the perfect place to give some quick tips/ideas about sound synthesis and the DS-10, but as usual, it's all about link dropping and plugging your website (hmm, can't say I haven't done it or won't do it but I think it should be put to better use). So twitter, here I come!

Ok, I've got some breaking news about this twitter thing. Have a good look at this tidbit from tweeter and, at the bottom, it says:

Update 4/28/10: We've updated this help page with additional information on current resource constraints. We have recently seen an increase in users missing from search, and our engineers are working on this issue. We will post further updates here.

I knew something was up.

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