Sunday, May 30, 2010

Korg DS-10 Track 49

This is Track 49, the first track of my new album on the DS-10. Hopefully, I'll be able to find a good name for it.

After some fiddling around with FL Studio's step sequencer on the pc, it's time to get back to work on the DS-10. I like working with FL Studio but the portability of the DS-10 makes it hard to resist (even if the sound really sucks some times - no complaint, just saying).

Another DAW that has tickled my interest is Reaper by the folks at Cockos. Can't say there are too many virtual instruments that come with it so look for free VST plugins at kvraudio to get it going.

Oh yeah, the tune ... Well, it's in D minor and can't say it took too long to make. Hope you like this little musical doodle.

Don't know if you have noticed but I have started a new blog about my music at Ugo Capeto Music Blog. It's about my music in general and it's not confined to the DS-10. Had to do it since the Home of the Korg DS-10 (this blog), as the name implies, is really just about the DS-10 and not much else beside the occasional music theory posts. Anyways, hope to see you there as well as here.

Finally, here's a DS-10 album release by my good friend Megatroid at Megatroid – Don’t Play Games With Chemicals.

And another DS-10 release by my good friend Harley at Harley Likes Music.


  1. Hi there, i really like your track! How did you get a ds10 synth to sound polyphonic?? and how did you get it to sound like there was so much going on with this track?
    good job :)

  2. Thanks. I always try to have quite a bit of RELEASE on the 2 lead voices so that the notes ring longer. I guess it give more richness to the sounds even if the voices don't hit at the same time. I sometime use arpeggio to give momentum (that's when you hit notes 1 octave apart, 1/16 notes). Also, for my sounds, sometime i use the square wave LFO to modulate the VCO2 pitch. There are quite a few things you can do to make it sound that you use a lot of voices. Also, you can use some of the drum tracks for a 3rd or even 4th voice, leaving maybe 2 drum tracks for the drums. It's a lot of experimenting, figuring out what works best for the music you enjoy making/listening to.

  3. Fantastic track. You should get the DSi Plus! It provides more than double the functionality when using a single unit. Not only do you get four synths and 8 drum channels, you also get better tools for song mode. I highly recommend it. Even if you want to keep the minimalist approach of the original DS-10 you can use it to effectively double the number of patterns.

  4. You're absolutely right, Mark. And not just about the track :) You see I've always wanted to use classic instrument samplers, that's why I went the DAW way. Also wanted to try something different and see how it feels to work with a DAW. But, as you say, going the DS-10 Plus way is a really good option, absolutely.

  5. As always, enjoying the Ugo. Just got the DS-10 Plus...pretty cool haven't messed with it as much as I should. I finally posted about distributing's the way I do it. Glad to hear your still cranking out tunes man.

    Everfly (DIN)

  6. Thanks Everfly aka DIN. Commented on your article at kick ass bounce.