Saturday, September 4, 2010

Korg DS-10 Track 54

This is my 54th track on the Nintendo Korg DS-10.

This time, I wanted to do a fast paced tune with a lot of drums. Basically the opposite of what I usually end up doing. Started with the rhythm and then the bass line. After that, it was pretty easy and the song didn't take long to make. It's a bit short though.

The beginning is quite reminiscent of the Visage "Fade to Grey" tune. There's also some Yazoo "Don't Go" later in the tune. Could have probably spent more time to polish it a tad more but don't think it matters. Oh yeah, it's in C sharp in case it matters.

Not really a big fan of the fast bpm tracks (this one is 120 bpm) with lots of drumming because, for one, you can't use the drum channels for anything else and two, you end up with very short tunes (under 2 mns). It's fun to do them once in a while though.

In other news, my good friend bryface has a new album out called "HOW TO DODGE LASERS" and it's available (free of charge) at WAVEFORMTOWN. Check it out!

After listening to the tune a bunch of times, it has come to my attention that I probably should have put more modulation into the two main voices because you can really make out the pattern structure. In my opinion, when listening to a tune, one should not really be able to tell that it's pattern based or it should not be too obvious.

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