Thursday, September 16, 2010

Korg DS-10 Track 55

Here's Track 55, my latest track on the Nintendo Korg DS-10.

For this track, I wanted to use some delay because, in general, everything sounds better with some mighty echo. So, the 2 main synthesizer voices are both delayed. They make up the bass lines. The drum channels which actually have almost nothing to do with percussion are effects free (you have to be careful with delay because it's pretty easy to overdo it). They are the various leads. Nothing more to declare except that, for the 2 synthesizer voices, I did make use of the X/Y KAOSS grid to automate the cutoff/peak (just to do something a bit different and I just like to see the knobs turn by themselves when the pattern is playing).

Oh yeah, it usually takes me about a week working maybe 1 or 2 hours a day to make this kind of tune on the Korg DS-10. I kinda like to work a little bit on a tune, let it rest for a while and go at it again much later ("rinse and repeat" the process). This one, I made it in one go. Actually, it's not exactly true as I had to fix the bass that was way too low for youtube.

About using the drum channels as regular synth voices ... Well, it's a bit of a gamble every time because the drums are sampled, which makes it harder to get the sounds you want. More importantly, there's something real annoying when you try to use the drum channels as synth voices: there's a click whenever a note's envelope is interrupted by the next note. My guess about what's happening is that the sample gets interrupted and you get a click. Not too good when you have two notes next to each other in the sequence. So, if you have notes next to each other in the sequence (or notes that overlap in terms of envelope), you should really have not too much decay and, of course, no sustain in the volume envelope.

If you like the type of music I make, please check Ugo Capeto's Music Blog for my non Korg DS-10 musical adventures.

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