Sunday, October 17, 2010

Korg DS-10 Track 58

This is Track 58, a rather "happy go lucky" track on the Nintendo Korg DS-10. Before you say it's a repetitive and simplistic, well, I'm gonna say that it was meant to be that way, eheh (yeah, right).

This little tune celebrates the return of the swing in my compositions.

How do I write my tunes? I am asking myself this question here because otherwise the article would be real short so here it goes ... First thing first: choosing a key the tune will be in (to me, it's very important). Then, it's the patch for the lead synthesizer. Once I have a good sound, I need to find a good melodic motif that spans one pattern or more (the more, the better). Then, comes the bass line on the 2nd synthesizer. Once I have the main melody and the bass, it's pretty easy to build up the whole song. Variations on the initial melody can fill up patterns pretty quick and the drum channels provide a lot of options for either percussion sounds or additional melodies. To be honest, once I start a song, I really don't know where it's gonna lead me and I often end up finding a cool melodic motif mid way through the creative process which gotta be integrated somehow into the tune (if it's too cool, it's gonna go into another tune). Once all the patterns have been created and the song structure is pretty much done, the "hard" part comes: listen and re-listen to the tune and make sure the patterns transition nicely. I think it's a good idea to take a break (a day or two) prior to making the final arrangements to the tune. Of course, the mold must be broken once in a while otherwise it would be pretty boring. Sometimes, I start with the rhythm or a melody that I already have in store or just a concept of what I want the tune to sound like.

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