Sunday, December 12, 2010

Korg DS-10 Track 62

This is my 62nd Korg DS-10 track which I named "Track 62". Here, I wanted to use all 16 patterns but without any repeats. In order to last for more than 30 seconds, the bpm had to be lowered quite a bit. I chose 33 bpm for no reason whatsoever, it's just a good number.

At first, I wanted to do chords with 3 drum channels loaded with the same sound (some kind of distorted guitar sound) but then I realized, the heck with chords but let's keep the 3 identical drum channels as I would just play them at different octaves. Pretty quickly, I realized I needed some delay just to add some spice to what looked like another pretty boring tune.

Add a lead on the 1st synthesizer, a bass on the 2nd synthesizer and I was off composing what would later reveal itself as a masterpiece.

The tune is once again in the key of E major. None of the patterns is repeated and it all fits under 2 minutes.

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