Saturday, January 29, 2011

Korg DS-10 Track 63

This is my 63rd track on the Nintendo Korg DS-10 (the original on NDS lite). I started this tunette (little tune) by selecting a bpm of 33 and putting some delay fx on everything. Now, when you have delay, it's really difficult to get a "complex" melody going so I opted for very simple motifs, maybe, too simple. Indeed, it was actually more like: Let's see what sounds good as the next, don't put too many and let's and hope for the best. The scale is Eb major and I don't think I am using all the degrees available (pretty sure there's no degree 4 or 7 notes in there, or very few).

Little else to say except that some of the sounds in this tune kinda saturate. I don't usually like that too much but, this time, I did let it slide. Upon further listens, it downed on me that I could have made an effort making the patterns a bit less repetitive. Maybe, next time.

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