Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Journey Through Space - Korg DS-10 Compilation

My good friend Harley (aka HarleyLikesMusic) over at the DS-10 forum put together a space-themed DS-10 compilation called:

A Journey Through Space

It's worth checking out, me thinks. It's hosted at "the (friendly) archive", meaning, you can stream and/or download the 22 tunes on the album for free and quite painlessly.

There's one track of mine in there, called "Milky Way". As it is now and for future generations, it's an ambient track but it was not always one. "Milky Way" is actually a time stretched version of one of my early tracks (can't remember which one though). The time stretcher soft that did the deed is called Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch and let me tell you, it's worth every penny (relax, it's free). It's probably the kind of thing you do just once because the stretched tunes have a tendency to all sound alike. I really like the idea of recycling tunes though.

Oh yeah, the artwork (not bad, eh?) is from another good friend of mine, Chris Lody.

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