Sunday, October 9, 2011

Korg DS-10 Track 71

This 71st track kinda marks the return to my roots, musically speaking: the happy go lucky tune, downtempo style. Yes, I had strayed a bit from that kind of tuneage recently. One more track and the next album is gonna be ready for release on Ugo Capeto Records.

I had reserved a pattern (the last one) to end the song but ended up not using it, opting for the not very creative fading out repeated (random) pattern.

The bpm for this song is 60. The scale is F major.

If you make or like melodic electronica, stop by at my melodic electronica forum and share your releases or likes.


  1. Thank you for posting all of this. I just found this blog and it's very useful and interesting.

    I recently picked my KORG DS-10 back up and I am a beginner at music. Your lessons are very useful in many ways to me. Thanks!

  2. Thank you and you're quite welcome.