Friday, September 30, 2011

Korg DS-10 Track 70

The more I make tunes on the Nintendo Korg DS-10, the less I have to say about them. I think I may have overused the bass line a bit on this one. Also, I didn't really know how to end the song so I just used a blank pattern as the last pattern to get the tune to fade out nicely (waste of a pattern though).

A song usually takes about one week to write, working on it one to two hours most nights, right in front of the TV. The hardest part is to "finalize" the tune and make sure that all the patterns flow nicely together and that the song is interesting. I always listen to the whole song prior to recording. If something is amiss, I make a change and listen to the whole thing again, until everything is up to snuff.

The sounds are a bit saturated (it's coming straight from the DS-10) but I kinda like it. The bpm is 58 which is kinda slow, I guess. If you think this tune is swinging, well, it's because the swing is set at 62. Key is good ole' C major, the most used (some will say overused) scale in popular music, by far.

Good news (or not), I have started a melodic electronica forum for electronic music of the melodic kind. Hope to see you there if that's the kind of music you are interested in.

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