Saturday, September 24, 2011

Korg DS-10 Track 69

A lot of LFO action (acting upon of the cutoff frequency) in this track. Kinda had to because most of the patterns are repeated 4 times before going on to the next. The tune started out in the key of G major and, at some point, switched to F major. It's pretty rare my tunes have modulation (key change) so it's worth mentioning. The tune is actually two relatively different tunes all bundled into in one and you can clearly hear when the 2nd tune comes in (no subtleties there). Didn't plan it that way but it seems the tune needed a drastic change in the way it was going, I guess.

The BPM is 82, which is a bit on the faster side for me. As usual, I use all the drum tracks as additional synthesizers to complement the two leads. I wish the 4 drum tracks were not sample based but you've got to live with that (the limitations of the Nintendo DS), I guess.

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